Not so fast: approaching new markets with the same best practices that make you successful in your home market might work – but most likely not, and you risk a negative perception of your brand at launch.
This doesn’t mean you do all the work. After all, that’s why you have partners. However, you will want to manage the process, and work with your partners to understand which parts of the selling process are the most critical to localize, versus what’s nice to have. Yes, it’s more cost-effective, but more than that it allows you to focus on what will have the greatest positive impact on sales right out of the chute.
Language, culture, humor can be key (English is not the same!). Also consider infrastructure – how does advertising get done, how many people or businesses are online, etc. Look at motivation and influencers of your end customers; they may be different than those in your home market. What works “here” does not work everywhere; plan up front for the key differences.