Top 10 Themes from 2010 Davos
Among top concerns at the World Economic Forum: fix the global economy, sort out executive pay, create sustainability, and enhance collaboration.  This article in BusinessWeek by Don Tapscott gives an overview of the dicussions and outcomes of the meetings. But, what does it mean for international business?

Taking the first two themes together, there’s implications for how companies might approach doing business internationally in the “new economy”:
1. The state of the world is not good. and 2. Everywhere new collaborative models are emerging to solve global problems. The first contends ” the financial meltdown and recession are arguably symptoms of bigger systemic crises and deep institutional failures. There is growing recognition that many of the organizations and institutions that have served us well for decades, even centuries, are no longer capable. Many of the pillars of economic and social life have come to the end of their life cycles.” but the second provides a counter-point “Thanks to Web 2.0, the entire world is beginning to collaborate—for the first time ever—around a single issue: the changing weather. For the first time we have a single, affordable, global, multimedia, many-to-many communications system, and an issue on which there is nearly nonpartisan consensus. Citizens, businesses, and governments all have a stake in the outcome.”

What are the implications of these changes recognized in Davos for your company? International business is changing from the inside out, enabled by the web and an interdependent world economy.