Continuing on the Davos discussion, “3. Rethinking the financial services industry’s role in society and 4. Executive pay, especially for bankers, needs fixing.”: the financial services industry played a very different role at Davos this year: The Wall Street Journal noted “Bankers are on the run.” Add a strong opinion that executive compensation needs to be corrected (read ‘reduced’) particularly given the bonuses that many times followed the government bailouts. The international community mood was “fed up” at Davos when it came to discussion of the financial industry crisis, and it’s impact on the global economy.

I see many companies still working to reduce costs, but also now to rebuild revenue streams. Strengthening profitability as well as the balance sheet is high on the priority list. How were your companies or clients impacted? What about credit availability? Better or worse for existing companies? What is happening to entrepreneurs in your world?