“5. Sustainability’s time has come. Business is moving from talk to action. And 6. The world needs better governments.” The next two points from the article on Davos speak to the fact that the financial services industry is not alone in needing to change.  Businesses focused on “sustainability”, going beyond “green” in their discussions to looking at how sustainability can be integrated into the business strategy – and how it relates to the rest of the world. The premise regarding governments at Davos is that many governments are dysfunctional, and the perspective differs depending on which country the person was from. Essentially, governing will become more difficult as funding government activities becomes more difficult.

 Given the discussion on points #3, and #4 below, can companies afford to invest in sustainability? What will happen to the business model, and how will it truly affect consumer demand? What about governments’ ability to influence or drive economic recovery, and eventually growth? Are points #5 and #6 mutually exclusive? Change is certain, and the complexity of global business and government relationships is increasing.