For or against, either decision can have a significant impact on your decision to enter – or expand – into the Turkish market. Considered a “2cd world country” in the 1970s when I lived there, Turkey has continued to grow and advance its economy. Today the Turkish market has attracted many companies from around the world to invest. One example: Midwest retailer Best Buy entered the market a few years ago, and continues to support investment in the country.

Why Turkey? Is it a European play, to gain a foothold before they join the EU? Is it a Middle Eastern, or even southwest Asia play, to gain market share with an eye to expansion from a friendly base? Turkey has historically been the “crossroads” between Europe and Asia, and shouldn’t be overlooked in any international business strategy.

BusinessWeek article from 27 July caught my attention ( as the European debate continues around the Turkish bid to become an EU member. In the meantime, take a look at this important market from the perspective of your company’s needs for future growth.