Compari – maker of Absolut vodka and other brands of liquor – reported revenue increases of 11% for Europe (not including Italy which grew at only 2.9%).  Global sales were up 8.7%, with favorable reports that Eastern European markets are returning as well. In fact, the company is optimistic about various markets around the world ( 

 So why do I bring this up?   Sometimes it’s easy to blame the economy for lack growth; in fact, Campari has had mixed results in markets around the globe. But it also shows that a focused strategy, with an eye to market share, can win even when times are tough.

 It would seem that Campari has done their homework:  each market is researched and analyzed for the most relevant information that can make – or break – a growth strategy. That way, Campari can prioritize markets for short-term gains, while focusing overall strategy on the longer-term win.