“Russian automaker Sollers, known earlier as Severstal Auto, plans to launch assembly of foreign-branded vehicles in the Russian far eastern city of Vladivostok” reported by JustAuto.com in July 2009. Why should I care about a news headline from a year ago you ask? If you are in the auto parts industry, you might be looking for revenue opportunities just now. Hadn’t thought of far-eastern Russia as a viable market? Check out this headline from last week from The Street:
“Despite today’s woeful economic climate, one of the most dynamic global markets is emerging in a most unlikely place: the Russian Far East. A key player in that region, Marcon International Trading, Inc., is actively and successfully engaged in the export of automobile parts, lubricants, diagnostic equipment and tires.
Of course, this move didn’t happen over night. Marcon (Seattle) has long been developing its presence in the Russian Far East markets, and is now in a position to create a joint-venture partnership in the region to take advantage of the growing demand for automobiles, and – not coincidently – tapping into a hungry industry of auto suppliers in the U.S.

Of course, even companies hungry for new revenues need to do their homework to make sure new partnerships are appropriate for their business. The point is, a global approach to finding lucrative markets can – and does – work.