We continue to see a number of news stories (see below) that indicate technology globally is in good shape. It is robust and growing despite all of the financial woes that many countries are experiencing. Because of these financial concerns are we in jeopardy of seeing a slowdown in IT and technology spending? Are you concerned and what do you think needs to happen to fix it? We need to continue the momentum that has started as it is so difficult to get it moving again. And, many of the companies that benefit from this growth are US companies that can’t afford to see a decline globally.

1. Gartner is reporting that the global enterprise software market grew by 8.5 percent in 2010 – reaching USD$245 billion. Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, SAP and Symantec accounted for a combined 50.2 percent of the market. Company’s seeing some of the strongest growth rates were VMware (41 percent), Adobe (29 percent) and SalesForce (28 percent).

2. The global technology sector saw 794 mergers and acquisitions during the first quarter of this year, according to Ernst & Young. That represents a 26 percent increase in activity over the first quarter of last year. The firm noted that cloud computing was a factor behind dozens of deals with telephone and cable network operators acquiring services companies with large data centers in order to increase their ability to provide cloud services.

3. Over the past 10 years, the information and communication technology (ICT) growth in Africa has exceeded all predictions. In 2000, 11 million people in Africa had cell phones, in 2005 the number was 200 million and today it is approaching 400 million. Likewise in 2000, 3 million users accessed the Internet in Africa while last year that number reached more than 100 million users. Annual ICT-related revenues in Africa are expected to reach USD$50 billion this year.

4. Last year the Singapore government spent USD$896 million on information and communication technology investments.  This fiscal year the investment will be USD$880 million. A portion of the investments this year will be put toward integrating military healthcare records with the national health care system.

5.  Fourty percent of businesses surveyed in the Asia-Pacific region are considering cloud computing. Of all the businesses surveyed by SpringBoard, 16 percent said they were looking to support unpredictable workloads, 13 percent wanted to reduce hardware costs while 11 percent needed to reduce staffing and/or administrative expenses. Only 14 percent of companies with fewer than 50 PCs said they were currently using any cloud offerings, while 36 percent of companies with more than 500 PCs reporting some level of cloud utilization.

5 points above from the York Group monthly newsletter