January 2012

A recent article by Linette Lopez from the Business Insider covered the China Business Council’s survey regarding the biggest issues when doing business in China. You can find the entire article  here http://read.bi/pZhVde.

I was curious what our readers are experiencing in their business initiatives in China. Of particular interest was the reference that IP protection has improved. While that statement may be true I am not sure the level of improvement is significant. It still seems that China has a long way to go. What are your thoughts on this topic.

Are you as optimistic as the respondents to the survey from the China Business Council?


It is all to common that an organizations international strategy is determined by the part of the world that contacts it first and sends an unsolicited purchase order. While we all like to take the orders and keep the cash flow going, be careful not to jump to quickly.

Every company needs a strategy. What’s the opportunity? Why is this country or region preferable to another one? How are you selling your products in that country? What are the shipping, legal, environmental and tax implications? All too often we take the path of least resistance rather than invest some time to determine the best opportunity and how to approach it. Be careful.