Minda Zetlin wrote an article recently in Inc. that I think anyone starting a small businesses should read. The article was “Starting a Business? Think Global Right From The Start”.  Here is an excerpt;

It may sound silly: You don’t even have your first customer yet. But considering a global strategy from the moment you launch your business can set you up for greater flexibility and much faster growth. Even a corner pizza shop might have global reach–just ask the place adjacent to Zuccotti Park that took orders from all over the world for pizzas to be sent to Occupy Wall Street protesters.

Here are four good reasons to create a global strategy from the very start:

1. You already have a huge advantage.

2. You’ll design it right the first time.

3. You can be a global customer as well as seller.

4. You can grow very fast.
The full article can be found at  http://www.inc.com/minda-zetlin/starting-a-business-think-global-from-day-one.html