When significant change happens, your attitude needs to be in the right place. If for example, you have a new CEO, or the company is acquired, many things are going to change. How you react to the changes is very important to survive the change.
Here are a few ways to make the most of the new situation.
1. Be supportive not combative. Become part of the solution not the problem

  • One of the worst things you can do during a time of a major change is to position yourself in a negative light. Be a constructive force not destructive one. Don’t be a devil’s advocate. Offer positive alternatives and ideas in support of the change
  • Embrace the changes and become an asset to the new CEO or acquiring company

2. Make your presence known. Don’t hide under your desk. Communicate, communicate, communicate

  • Take on new jobs and get involved in the changes
  • Participate in all the meetings you can to know what’s going on
  • Be proactive and manage up. Communicate your ideas and accomplishments
  • See the Big Picture. Look beyond your current position and don’t suffer from tunnel vision