This week I finished my latest coaching experience with ExporTech. What a great 3 months. I worked with two companies to develop their export strategy and plan. From a coaches perspective this was a perfect relationship. Both companies were committed to the process and dedicated the time to make sure their plan was as good as it could be. Before the end of the program the first company had already made an international trip to scope out the market opportunity, talk with potential partners and become active in the regions advisory and standards committees. The second company was looking more at the feasibility of taking their products internationally. When all was finished this week they had an excellent grasp of what needed to be done when they were ready to take the company into the international market.

From my perspective it was a great experience to work with two organizations that were committed to understand the export opportunities  for their particular situations. Again, this experience validated my belief that companies need the commitment of the organization, from the top, to truly evaluate the international opportunities and to understand the resources necessary to make their plans a successful reality. I look forward to my next chance to participate.